Friday, January 13, 2012

denver newborn & maternity photographer - searching for the magic

Each January I find myself reflecting on the past year and re-establishing my goals... for both myself and for my photography.  Even though this is only my third year in business, it feels especially important to me this time around.  I feel like I've been caught up in a race to become successful.  The funny thing is, I wasn't really in a race with anyone but myself.  As a photographer, we sometimes make the mistake of comparing ourselves to other photographers.  Although I find an immense source of inspiration from following other photographers, comparing myself to them can sometimes make me question if I'm good enough at what I do.  After taking a hard look back at my work from 2011 I've realized that there is no reason to compare myself to anyone... because there is only one me.  I'm proud of how far I've come and I never want to stop growing as a person or as an artist.  I have very big, very special dreams for where my business will go in the future and complete confidence that I will achieve those dreams.  But what really matters on the way to reaching my goals is that I've created images that my clients cherish. 

Part of my growth as an artist this year is going to include stepping outside of my comfort zone... to that place where they say the "magic" happens.  I've gotten a reputation for loving color images and I've come to realize that part of why that happened is because I've never really felt that black and white was my strength.  So today I put together a small collection of black a white images from last year.  Some you may have seen before in their color version, some have never been shared with anyone outside of the family they were created for.  Doing this showed me that not only do I really adore some of these black and whites, but that my very favorite images make me feel something.  They portray quiet, intimate moments and special connections.  They are simple.  This year it is my goal to take more time for the quiet moments.  To do my best to capture more than just a picture of a family, but to capture the love within a family.  To push myself to a place I've never gone before.  I can't wait to find out what lies ahead and what incredible love I will find along the way.

xoxo k




  1. Kami! I love this post endlessly. I am so excited where this next year will take YOU! and only YOU! BTW, I absolutely love these B&Ws! xo Kate

  2. Love all these photo's, you've come a long way from the beginning of your dream. I'm very proud of you.
    Love, Me

  3. Kami, these are BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you for sharing what's in your heart with all of us, you are an amazing artist. Can't wait to follow you throughout the year! xo Cathy

  4. Very well said, Kami! And your black and whites are pretty - embrace them!!! :-)